By inspirational

Work then to visit Mum, her black eye from last week is now lots of different shades, but she does not seem bothered by it. When I got there she was downstairs with lots of the other residents as there was an entertainer there, singing and playing his guitar. Mum doesn't like loud music very much and so was hunching over shutting her eyes so I took her back upstairs to another lounge for a cuppa. We sang "the grand old Duke of York", which she likes singing. But she was worried about her teeth, and although I tried to re assure her and change the subject, she returned to her teeth continually,  even through the favourite cat book, and the Queen book, and a Royal jigsaw puzzle, that she watched me do but wouldn't put any pieces in herself, (it is a dementia friendly one with only a few pieces to add to a marked out backboard). She choked on her cup of tea, I assume she may need to have thickeners in her drinks soon, like some of the other residents.

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