creative lenna

By creativelenna

meet Bob . . .or Bobby, or perhaps Bobbetta!

There is a squirrel who lives in our neighborhood - this squirrel in fact. When we very first saw the very same squirrel scampering around, we noticed it's short tail. Soon afterwards, I jokingly named this squirrel "Bob", because of its bobbed tail. Steve & I would talk about him . . . "I saw Bob today by the mangroves" or "There's Bob!" or, "Have you seen Bob lately?". . . 

Today when I was photographing Bob (who is a very good model, I must say) I noticed that he . . . was actually a she . . . and perhaps even had baby squirrels! As soon as I met up with Steven I relayed my discovery. "What??" he said . . . Steve then suggested that maybe 'Bobby' would be a better name. I am partial to my original thinking: 'Bobbetta'. It is odd, but sounds more feminine. Well, whatever this squirrel is called, we like seeing her scamper through our yard and up & down the trees. I think she is quite beautiful, especially after being able to photograph her up close! 
Hope you have a joyful, scampering day! ;0) 

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