By fitzbilly

Looking Up!

Day trip to Wapping today, with huge lunch at the Big Easy in Canary Wharf as a late birthday treat for mrsfb. Enjoyed seeing our grandson again, and the train journey was full of drama, both ways.
I was very surprised that the guard held the train at Kingham so a late arriving passenger could make it.  Embarrassing for her but entertaining for the rest of us as she ran along the platform opposite and over the footbridge with her family imploring the guard to wait and shouting 'she's 75! she's 75!' Then we had to listen as she 'phoned a friend' to ask them to come to Kingham and buy a parking ticket for her car as she hadn't had time, and couldn't remember her registration number to pay over the phone. 'It's a black Audi, there's an M in it somewhere'. Good luck with that! We were getting a bit annoyed at the way the family were loudly taking over our section of the train, with a small girl starting to climb over empty seats. Then we heard 'Iona, mummy is furious with you, you've just poured a bottle of water in mummy's handbag!'. Karma?
On the return journey a passenger hadn't listened to the instructions to be in the first 2 carriages to get off at Charlbury, but wasn't able to get there in time, running frantically through our carriage as the train was pulling away. Back at Kingham we were asked by a lone girl passenger if we could give her a lift to her parents as she was worried about walking there in the dark (not sure why they couldn't have come to meet her?). It was on our way so we did, and then had to listen to her sad story about her bad day in London. She had met her boyfriend, who had dumped her over lunch!
Finally we got home and discovered we need a new kettle, as the current one had leaked its contents over the kitchen worktop while we were away. Oh and the bin men have broken the lid on our grey bin, so that's something else to sort out next week!

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