By lynnjones7186

Two in one

Sorry I haven't posted anything for a couple of days, it has been cold and it just makes you want to stay home.   Anyway the weather was much better today so we went for a walk.   I had spotted this wall and the car as we had driven by on previous occasions so I knew where I wanted to go.  Some of the works on this wall are quite gruesome, but very clever.  However, the one eyed mushroom won out as it also meant that I could include a shot of this somewhat derelict car.  The tyres are completely flat, also the tax disc shows 2051, it is now 2061 by the Thai Calender.  
 Hubby went for a swim this afternoon, but the water was far to cold for me.  The temperatures here are a high of 25 dropping to about 11 at night.  On Doi Inathon, which is the highest mountain in Thailand the temperature is not getting above 5 during the day.  Thai people go there to experience cold weather.

My extra shows one of the other more gruesome works.

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