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A day of entertaining as Dad and his wife came to visit us.  It was the first time they had visited our new home and being a new house the postcode didn't appear in their sat-nav. Whilst we were waiting for them to arrive, I got a text to say they had just driven up a road where they had been met by two armed paratroopers.  It seems the sat-nav had taken them to Thorney Island, a nearby military training area!  They eventually arrived safely and lunch was consumed and we sat chatting until the evening.  It was really good to catch-up as we'd not seen them properly since this time last year.  

Andy and I finished the evening watching the latest episode of the BBC 'House Through Time' series which is tracking the history of the residents of a house in Liverpool.  Last night's programme covered the changing fortunates of the residents during the period from the 1850s to the 1890s.  There were marriages and successful business ventures, as well as more gruesome events - a death from cholera, another from Grave's disease, a likely accidental drowning, domestic abuse and a divorce proceeding.  Its is fascinating to see what social history can be revealed through our historical records.

This is a little dipping dish I gave to Andy as a gift this Christmas.  

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