Tulip fever

I'm hoping it is that and not real fever, but I'm really feeling awful tonight. The cold is at its worst, I'm now coughing too and it hurts, so I'm off to bed as soon as I have posted this. My tulips are at their end but still showing their delightful colours.

I did have a look at all the AT 133 entries, thank you so much for a great collection of mainly monos, find them all here ! Next Thursday's optional theme is 'mystery abstract', try to capture something which is an everyday object in such a way that it becomes unclear what it is ! The tag will be AT134.

Here's my list of last Thursday special entries:
tlde                for the creamy abstract
tommie2       for a zebra pattern made by shadows and reflections
majoayee     for playing with paper coils and light
wws1968      for a (3D) paint chart turning into a 3D mono abstract
maura143     for turning her vitamin pills into mono art

Thanks so much for all the entries, keep on being creative !

And thank you very much for your kind comments and stars for the rubber duckie collection/wedding party !

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