Carolina's journal

By Carolina

Mono Monday: Birthday!

Well a Huge Happy Birthday to MONO MONDAY !!!   I have been trying to do MM ever since I noticed that  Petespics  and a few others were doing this every Monday.   It took me a while to remember,  but I usually do fairly well (remembering that is!)  when able to take part in the challenges.  
    I thought my Scrabble board blip worked fairly well and was able to get some good words in there and had fun working it up!     thank you all for the great comments on my back up blip for yesterday!  I am not saying there are no Sasquatch ( I do have a magnet that says Sasquatch Patrol)  It's just that i have not ever seen one.  When you think about the amount of forests we have here it would impossible to say without a doubt that they don't exist.   who knows?     thanks for stars and hearts and love reading the comments too! 

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