Curvy Calla

....or Calla Curves.....these are the leaves from this. not that fond of the spots and I didn't like it in colour, far to busy looking.  I thought it (sortof) looked as if they were under water and swirling in the currents.

Its been so hot today, like 32 degs.....had to find a blip in the shade, there weren't too many options in my very open garden.  Cor blimey, that heat is extraordinary, an even hotter repeat of yesterday.

I went out onto the terrace to water my pots, and the concrete would have burnt my feet if I had stayed enough to cook a steak !!

Watched cricket mainly this afternoon and evening - another win to our Black Caps against Pakistan . gosh our boys are on fire, eleven winning consecutive games. brilliant !  Some tennis too from Oz. Now watching the Fed.


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