By Beckett


.... and a haircut!

The lady we have used as our hairdresser has recently moved from Penrith to the Hawkesbury. She was lucky enough to purchase the business "Cuts on Campus" within the Hawkesbury campus of the University of Western Sydney.

The salon is situated in the "Stable Square" shown here in the pic, and "back when" this area was BIG in market gardening and the use of draught horses for pulling the ploughs etc hence the stables, and this drinking trough. Some info follows.....

Founded in 1889, with 1360 ha. Of associated farmland, to instruct students in agriculture. The range of main buildings was designed by the Govt. Architect's office under Walter Liberty Vernon, and built after 1895. The red brick buildings fronted by wide green lawns and bordered by large trees form an attractive institution. Even more Edwardian, with its panoply of tall Pacific Island palms, is the impressively large wooden stable quadrangle. Approximately 16metres square, it housed the draught horses used in farming. First built in 1896, two wings were rebuilt in 1906 after a fire. (Helen Proudfoot, Exploring Sydney's West, 1987 (National Trust, 1976) Horticulturist and garden designer William Guilfoyle designed the Hawkesbury Agricultural College grounds, on/after a visit there (c.1890s) - which makes these rare in NSW, as most of his work is in Victoria. (Proudfoot, 1989, amended Read, S., 2006).

The palms are obviously still around and very tall, but the crepe myrtles sure give a stunning walk way at present.

Enjoy, and have a look in LARGE - and closer to home this was the campus our son did his horticulture diploma.

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