Sam I Am

One of Sam's 'challenges' in order to raise money for Peru was to write an autobiography, encouraged by my Dad, Grandad.  He said he would pay £500 for such a thing and I thought that it would be 'easy money'.  But no...whilst Sam did 70% of it early last year, getting him to finish it has been painful.  Deadlines have come and gone, feet have been stamped and hair has been pulled...

But I'm pleased to announce that all 28 'funny-to-Sam' pages (contained in an A5 booklet) are finally ready, with the front cover illustration done by best friend Ross.  Topics covered include school, friends and family.

Here is a snippet from the introduction which will give you some idea of Sam's style: name is Sam Paterson and I am a fourteen year old living in a small village near Cambridge.  I live with my parents, my two brothers, a spaniel, two cats, a bearded dragon and some fish that my Mum is slowly letting die....

I think it's fair to say that I don't come out of it looking that great.

If you want more information see here.

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