Up super early today.  We had a boiler engineer coming, and had been told he could be there between 7am and 2pm, so I had to get up with Tim at 6am in order to get showered and dressed before 7.  Of course, he didn't actually turn up until 11:30 in the end, but if I hadn't got up then he'd probably have come at 7 (and the boiler lives in our bedroom).

Tim was staying home for the engineer, so I thought I might as well go into work early for a change.  Of course, I had to make the most of the early morning light and get a few photos first though.  I got off the train at London Bridge and headed down towards Tower Bridge for a few shots - and then along the river as far as Southwark Bridge before getting back on my normal route to work.  Made it in before 9am which is a modern miracle.

This evening Tim was out with his colleagues from the team he's just left, so I (very unusually) had an evening to myself.  I spent quite a lot of it cooking up a big batch of curry, and putting all the bed linen, etc, back in the airing cupboard - and Tim got home shortly before bedtime.

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