Happy post!

It was the 2nd part of my assessment today. I found it more difficult than last week and felt a bit uncomfortable, partly because of an admin fail at reception and then someone knocking on the door and coming into the room half way through my appointment. Didn't think that was very good at all to be honest and it sort of unsettled me and threw me off what we'd been talking about. Came away feeling a bit flat.

Arrived home to a card from Laura in Florida which put a smile on my face. I'd also worn the handmade bracelets she'd sent me at Christmas to my appointment, and last week's also. Physical objects with personal meaning help to ground me when I'm anxious. They're made from cloudy agate, aquamarine and labradorite. I love the labradorite. At first glance it looks plain grey but you suddenly get flashes of all different colours when the light bounces off it.

Hopefully my mini uke will arrive tomorrow and take my mind off things a bit :-) 

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