Ramblings and Mutterings

By ValleyAllBlack

Justice and Injustice

Well today was one of the most interesting site visits I've made in a long while, because today I witnessed a crime right in front of my eyes. Whilst talking with the site manager he suddenly started running and shouting, I thought he had seen a health and safety incident but it was two youths on bicycles smashing the window on his car. They snatched his laptop and made off with it despite us running after them and then getting in a van to track them down. But like the rats that they are, they went down the rat runs that they clearly know so well and got away. Hopefully not all is lost though, although the laptop probably is, as the car was being observed by a CCTV camera and another one was located nearby which would have seen them heading that way. Hopefully justice will be done!

Talking of justice, there has to be a better way to politics than this petty party nonsense. I was watching the Welsh Assembly First Minister's Questions this afternoon, and frankly it was embarrassing. As an Assembly Member (AM) or Member of Parliament (MP) you are there to serve the public, they seem to forget that preferring to grandstand and scratch each other's backs. I see injustice in this world and as an AM or MP you have the opportunity to do something about it, but when you can't even get a response from your MP over an injustice by some pen pusher in the local council it gets my back up! I'd really like to do something about it, but if you go as an independent can you really make a difference?

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