Don't Even Think About It!

Now listen here.  You bundled me into the car early this morning and drove me to that place you call "the groomers" where you had the nerve to leave me there for hours.  You have absolutely no idea of the despicable things they did to me while you were gone.  They gave me a bath!  They stripped my coat!  They clipped me!  They brushed my teeth!  They combed my beard!  I was bursting to go to the loo, but no one bothered to notice.  It wasn't until you finally showed up again and took me out on the sidewalk that I could find a suitable tree to squat under.  I hope you noticed the lagoon I made.  And now that I'm home again, you have the temerity to try to photograph me while I'm in the midst of enjoying my hard-won treat?????  Don't even go there if you know what's good for you.

Extra:  Almost forgiven ...

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