By sandyshore


It was pouring rain, and I mean pouring, like the sky threw on all the taps at once. Water bounced off the ground and high up into shoes so that even the most canny of us, who had found shelter just before the deluge began, were now getting saturated like the rest of them. It started so suddenly. The gentleman had just popped into the shop for a moment, no coat needed, a jaunty little skip in his step. When he turned around to skip back out he not so jauntily did a double take then cowered inside the doorway until the worst was over. I watched from my chosen shop doorway, shrinking in to the wall as far as my substantial self allowed. He made a break for it, dashed for his car up the street, the rain enjoyed the challenge and chased him all the way, slamming him into gutter, one last torrent pushed him into the driver's seat . I made a pact with the sky. You can rain all you like in an hour's time if you'll just let me get home with dry feet and underwear. The rain kept its side of the bargain.

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