Brussel Sprouts

Yup, those are brussel sprouts!  Birgit and I decided on Tempura for lunch today (insert is my tempura veggies) and for an appetizer we split this dish of brussel sprouts.  They were a little spicy and oh so good.  It was hard to tell they were even brussel sprouts.

We talked non-stop during our lunch as we hadn't had one of our Friday get togethers since before Christmas!  

I went by the Salvation Army after lunch to drop off a few large items we had up the attic and were just taking space.  The Salvation Army is very close to 'Hobby Lobby' so of course I couldn't resist going in and having a good look 'round.

I bought some great stamps for when I do my card making but we will be able to use them when we are making our quilt blocks (for the MS quilt) by using fabric markers.

It's Friday again - Happy Weekend Everyone!  

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