By Kaysha

Telephone Babies

Happy Birthday Leni!!!

The wonders of modern technology has enabled Miss A and Little D to share in a slice of their cousin Leni's 2nd birthday fun (but unfortunately not cake), all the way from Mallorca. Aunty Nicola uploads a video of Leni's party, blowing out his candle right on cue - his cousins sit and watch, giggle, rewind and watch again! All on mummy's smartphone. They then Skype the birthday boy for a bit of real-time interaction and another rendition of Happy Birthday. Wonderful!

I love how at ease kids are with technology and why wouldn't they be, they've not known life without it. Unlike their old fogey parents...

I still fondly remember our first computer - the ZX Spectrum, with the tape drive which took 30 minutes to upload such classics as Chuckie Egg and Horace Goes Skiing. Before that I eagerly awaited 'The Bunty' dropping through the letterbox every week so I could cut out the paper doll and clothes on the back page. Simple pleasures.

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