A good term for today's women's march in Washington D.C.  Not quite as large a crowd as last year's but I think it felt less funereal and more action-oriented -- as it should be given the clusterf...k that has been the first year of the T in office.  Very good energy all the way around and a notable increase in the number of men that attended as well :)

My main picture will be meaningful for those who are fans of the series The Game of Thrones: I thought it particularly appropriate ;)  A similar reference (also highly relevant) is in one of my extras (the Handmaids' Tale). And finally, I've included an overall shot of the crowd from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

I've included shots from the rest of my collection, focusing on the signs people were wielding.

The march coincided with the official closing of all federal branches of the government as our fearless leaders couldn't agree on a budget... One unfortunate coincidence of the conflation of these two events is that none of the bathrooms on the Mall (managed by the National Park Services) were open. That limited my attendance to three hours and I missed the actual march to the White House ;)

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