By PhDlife

A little lightness

Been without access to decent Wi-fi for a couple of days. With my sister and mum in Piperdam. It’s my mum’s friends 70th birthday and her family and friends organised this surprise weekend as part of the celebrations. The group of friends in particular are called the ‘happy hookers’, brought together by their interest in knitting and crocheting. They really are a fab bunch! Our purpose for involvement was to facilitate my mum being part of it. She is at least 20 years older than any of the other members. Her experience in knitting and crocheting is amazing - very gifted. She has limited sight now and can’t participate in the same way but loves the banter and connection with the others and they love her contribution and guidance. At 89 with limited sight she does need help so.... that’s been our job! Has worked out really well and she’s having a great time too. She spends most of the time with her friends in one of their lodges and my sister and I galavant during the day.
Had planned to do some PhD work but with my ‘stuff’ on the cloud and limited access, I’ve abandoned that idea.

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