On the way home

After a very late night (MrM was playing at a ceilidh that went on until midnight...), we had a very late start to the day - so late that 'brunch' became 'lunch'!

It had been a reasonable forecast for today, so we kept to Plan A, a trip down to Hauxley Nature Reserve near Amble, in the hope of seeing red squirrels and lots of birds. But, by the time we arrived, it was sleeting/raining quite heavily and, in the wind, was decidedly inclement. After a walk with Louie we retreated in to the visitor centre to warm up and dry off. Definitely a place to go back to, maybe in the Spring!

The rain and sleet had lulled us into a false sense of security for, as we discovered on driving back home, the precipitation had been falling as snow further inland, and there were some interesting driving conditions! No wildlife photos, so MrM stopped near Longframlington for the sake of a Blip!

MrM's planning to do a little more work in the 'music room' while I cook a roast dinner. Later, a glass of red and an episode of Vera on TV... that's the plan, anyway

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