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BlipaEwan 117...

This is my monthly track of my children as they grow to see how they change as time goes by. I take the same photo in the same place each 1st and 15th of each month along with a wee diary of what has happened and how life has progressed for each of them. Bethany on the 1st and Ewan on the 15th.

Today is his 10th birthday. He's been reminding us everyday for the past week or so

Upon finding an old Gameboy Advance in the house, he has expressed a more pointed interest in retro gaming. Said he wants to collect games for it.  We thought about getting him some of them for his birthday but they can be hard to get. Instead we managed to source a mini SHE'S which he is rather thrilled about.

For his birthday he's assembled a few friends to go bowling with.  It's quite indicative of how he's dealt with and slotted into his new school. Gong bowling with him is 1 friend from his new school, 1 from his old school and 1 that left his old school to move to north Fife.

The hair is back. After our last short cut he's wanting to let it grow again. It can look rather dashing but left as is, as is the usual, it's akin to Madchester band circa 1995 bowl cut.

You can check out the rest of this series and see his progress by entering the words tagged BlipaEwan into the Blip Search facility.

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