Mono Monday - Fantasy

Princess Mono sat patiently by the Magic Star for a very long time and just as she was about to give up hope there was a flash of light and the giant rabbit appeared!
Shocked and bedazzled she found she was frozen and could not move and the rabbit whispered loudly "I'm here to take you on a Magic Carpet Ride"........

Ah fantasy ;o)

Some old friends turned up out of the blue and have only just left, it's 11pm! Although it was great to see them I did have that sinking feeling that I didn't have my blip for tonight's MM. This image is a thrown together scene with the things on my desk, didn't turn out too bad in the end! :o)

I've run out of time, 5.45am comes around too quickly and I must away to bed before I turn into a pumpkin!!!

Thanks to Skeena for hosting :o)

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