John Van de Graaff

By VandeGraaff

Seine Flooded in Paris

Late this afternoon we crossed the Pont Marie, in the center of Paris, to see the flooding resulting from rainfall in the last couple of weeks; it is apparently forecast to peak this Saturday (in four days). The main image is a panorama looking downstream; the area between the embankment and the boats on the left is normally a two-laned expressway; the extra looks upstream directly on the east side of the bridge (I've marked the map in the middle :). 

Our outing with our friends Nine and Didier (see yesterday) took us to the area of the Butte aux Cailles not far from our apartment, and then to a wonderful free exhibition at the Hotel de Ville (Town Hall), Nuits Parisiennes. We always attend at least one of these exhibitions each winter; they are always high-quality. 

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