Pictorial blethers

By blethers


About five minutes before I took this photo there was a sudden torrential downpour battering my back windows. I'd been outside only a short time before and it seemed pretty benign, so I was indignant at this unforecast event and tweeted how suddenly beastly it was. And then this appeared. So you can read my title as me saying sorry for being premature, or - and I like this idea - the rainbow as the sign of redemption and mercy found in the story of Noah's Ark...

Other than this, a fairly dreary day, redeemed not by exercise, as usual, but by my meeting a friend when I was out for a few supermarket necessities. We talked so much - and indulged her passion for looking in shops "just in case ..." that a twenty-minute outing took well over an hour.

And I'm just in from a choir practice that on paper didn't promise well (two first sopranos and one second missing out of a choir of 10) but turned out great fun, with some really good ensemble and excellent pitch. Now all I need is some toast and marmalade ...

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