Photo-a-day retirement

By mpp26

Sunrise over the hills

Had to have breakfast very early this morning as I wasn't allowed to eat for 6 hours before a hospital procedure. Realised when I got up that the sky was clear for the first time in weeks, and thought I'd go out for sunrise - seemed a pity not to since I was up anyway. Beautiful warm morning, lovely to be out.  I had very little time as by the time I realised it was a good idea, I only had 35 minutes to be down at the beach, which takes about 20 minutes - luckily the lights were all green!

These are the hills of Banks Peninsula.

The extra is what used to be called Shag Rock, but since it shook it'self to pieces during the earthquakes it's now often refereed too as Shag Pile.

And it all took my mind off the afternoon's activity, which luckily has come back clear and I'm now 2 years since diagnosis so I don't have to go back for a year! Great relief.

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