Where the Light Gets In

By DHThomas

When will he come back?

waiting quietly
jp had gone for a while
leaving me in charge

Well, "in charge" is saying a bit much, as she just lay on the floor, visibly meaning to do nothing but wait for him. Which he did in about twenty minutes' time.

As he approached the table, she jumped - as best she could, she's almost 14 after all! - to her paws and greeted him.

Later I brought Julie to a post-hospitalisation appointment. It's very good: she'll be attending several groups (I'm invited to a monthly reunion as her husband and primary helper). For one of them, attendance is mandatory for the duration of the "course" which is eight weeks. Unfortunaly, it means we won't be able to go to London mid-February as planned. However, as it's for a good cause...

I had my medullar MRI exam in the afternoon. There is a cyst in my spinal cord. I don't know yet whether is a spinal fluid one or something else. I only get the full results on Saturday morning. I sent my neuro an email to tell her about it. She'll get back to me once she has the full report too, I guess. We'll see what course to take after that.

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