Willie Wastle

This is my new Kindle, it’s actually my fourth one. I bought one of the original ones many years ago, then upgraded to the Kindle Fire, which was more of a tablet than an e-reader. I didn’t much like reading books on it, so bought a second hand ordinary one for £15. This has done me for three or four years, but wasn’t holding a charge for very long, so with the money I got for Christmas, I bought a brand new one.

Last week my neighbour mentioned that she had started watching “Vera” on STV. This was a program I used to enjoy back in the days when I had the patience to watch TV. I went onto Amazon looking for a box set, as I have a thing about watching programs in order, to discover that I could buy the original books by Ann Cleeves. I’m half way through the first one and I’m absolutely hooked!

It is the twenty-fifth of January, so I couldn’t let the day go by without a wee nod to our national bard. I didn’t have haggis for my tea, I only drink whisky if I have a cold, so I thought I would refresh my memory and download one of my favourite Burn poems. I always liked it as I remember as a child, when we used it go swimming in the Tweed, we always passed a sign which said “site of Linkum-Doddie”, which was near Broughton somewhere. I’m sure theChimp and theBear will know exactly where.

Burns was famously fond of women, but it would seem that he hadn’t a nice word to say about Mrs Wastle! There are another couple of verses, but no compliments to be found!

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