The shadows in my mind

It is Friday so Cosmo took me for a walk in the wood. It was quite a nice day for it, so she was inclined to dawdle a bit. We met a six month old puppy who was very excited to meet Cosmo, rather more excited than Cosmo was, so we let the puppy leave on its way.

On the way home we met an elderly lady who was quite keen to get to know Cosmo. Her own dog had died a few months ago. Cosmo wanted to say something to her, but we are not sure what it was that Cosmo was trying to say. The lady said she hoped we would pass by again for another chat. I am sure we will pass by again, whether or not the lady will be in her garden may depend on the weather.

I was watching a photographic course this morning. It suggested we should think why we took a particular photograph, well here I was attracted by the light coming thorough the trees, and the shadows on the ground. Perhaps the shadows are not as strong as I would have liked.

Despite the sun, the ground and pavements were a little icy and slippery in places.

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