Can you imagine the conversation?

"How high is that lump of rock, brother?" "1,100 feet your holiness." "Let's put the new church up there. The villagers won't want to cart their bodies up there, that way our churchyard won't get cluttered up with messy graves." "Bloo .... Gosh, your holiness, how are we going to get it built?"
"Well, there's plenty of stone up there already, so that'll be alright." "Yes, but who's going to do the work?"
"For goodness sake, brother, how many friars have we got in the refectory, stuffing themselves everyday and doing nothing in return but a bit of praying?"

The first church was built on Brentor in the 10th century but this later one dates from the 14th century. It's dedicated to St Michael de Rupe as is common to churches in high places. Evensong still takes place every Sunday from Easter to Michaelmas.

It's an hours drive to this part of the moor so I don't get there too often. I stopped at Whitchurch Common on the way and I've added an extra of an amazing sky above Feather Tor. There are also a few more of Brentor Church here if you'd like to see them.

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