One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

High vis deal

€2 for curly fries? 
Are you taking the piss?! This is an AMAZING deal. 
I mean, they're a bit like chips, but they're called fries, and they are curly! 
Deadly, no?!
Poor aul Jimmy walking into shot here isn't yet aware of this ONCE IN A LIFETIME offer. Wait and see how he'll brighten up upon realising that these hot, tasty, fun babies could be his for just €2 (two euros)! 
Watch him search frantically for that €2 coin burning his pocket, witness his mad dash to the nearest McDonald's in his rigour boots, high visibility coat and hard hat. 

I just learned  incidentally yesterday while talking to a dietitian friend of mine that McDonald's food may not be the best, nutritionally speaking. Therefore not suitable as part of a weight-loss diet. Who'd a thunk it?!
I am gutted. 
Actually I wish I was, gutted, that would be the best part of 20 unwanted kg removed in one swift go... 

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