By YellowBalloon


This Royal Doulton figure is called 'Sisters' and was bought for me by  my big sister quite a few years ago.  I love it as it reminds me so much of when we were young as we used to have our hair in that style.

Some of you may remember that on New Years Day my sister was admitted to hospital with sepsis.  Yesterday after 26 days and a major operation she came home!  She has been through quite an ordeal and it is going to take her some time to recover.  I am in awe of just how brave she has been and want to do all I can to help her in her recovery over the coming months.  Once again I can't thank the NHS enough.  Yes, maybe the food could have been a bit better and the wards were noisy during the night but she was treat with kindness and dignity throughout her stay.

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