Old in the New!

Dull and very windy with a shower in the early hours.   

After a hearty Sunday full English, we headed off in the car to explore.   We just went up the coast a little and made our way to Torreblanca, a larger town than here.   We should have realised that something was amiss when we couldn't get into town at the first junction off.   Anyway got in eventually where most of the roads were blockaded by huge barriers.   As we progressed, houses, shops, garages, cafés  were also blocked off leaving only small doorways to pass through.   (See extra photos) Having looked on the internet there had been a fiesta the weekend prior, with cattle, flour throwing etc.   Unless the cattle were going through the town, we couldn't understand the huge barricades!    More research required!!  

We didn't stop there but continued towards the coast and stopped off at Torrenostra had a windswept walk on the prom and took refuge in a bar for a coffee.

The main pic is of a shop window display, the items looked as if they had been there since new!!   A strange shop with fishing tackle, live bait and second hand stuff plus photography things and developing.    Shame it wasn't open.

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