Photo-a-day retirement

By mpp26

Change of plan

Saw these on a sunny day over the weekend - thought they'd be nice for a day when I had to work. And it was sunny when I left work, however when I got there the sun was disappearing fast and the poppies had closed up - hope tomorrow is sunny and I'll go back for another go.

They are called Eschscholzia, or California poppy, and are native to the USA. Although I've always known them as river poppies as they grow in the South Island's shingle river beds. Apparently they can be a sedative and a diuretic (although I wouldn't have thought the two uses really complemented each other)

Where they are growing is a wild flower garden as part of greening the rubble, and also a memorial to two women killed by a collapsing wall in the earthquake. Very moving tribute on the site from family and friends.

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