Evening Dip....

Well it was far too hot for comfort here today. 34.9C in the porch in the shade. We had the air-conditioner running most of the day. We felt sorry for the cats and set up an electric fan in the room where they sleep. This evening I retrieved a big old desk fan from the garage and Keith and I stripped it down and cleaned up all moving parts. It is now in our bedroom and is a life-saver. Apparently all the local shops have sold out of fans! Folk are having to buy second-hand fans through “TradeMe”.
It was still hot and sticky when Maisie and I took a walk along the Upper Taylor River Tracks where the water is still running in the river. Here she is taking a quick cooling dip in the river at the Meadowbank Bridge. Then followed a trek through a vineyard where I lost Maisie’s lead. That means a return to the same route early tomorrow morning to find the lead.

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