Starlings in the snow

The snow was predicted, but much less than we have now and it's still coming down heavily. The drive to and from the train was dicey, minimal plowing on back roads and virtually none on tricky corners. I made it home in one piece and have had fun watching the flock of starlings join the usual sparrows and titmice and blue jays on the doorstep. Raspberry was watching and singing until she was overcome by sleep, what a surprise, I predict a day of heavy napping for her. This storm is supposed to continue into early afternoon with coastal flooding due to the full moon. A few schools are closed, most are operating on a two hour delay. It's a Cape and South Shore storm, but the driving commute to Boston is horrendous according to local radio reports.

For the Record,
This day came in with heavy snow and very cold conditions with the windchill(-6 F).

All hands boycotting the Moron Emperor's State Of the Union(m) address. We'll be watching Massachusett's  own, Joe Kennedy III, give the Democratic response.

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