By Artyfartyannie

The Greenhouse by Night

and I still have to go down and put out the light.......................

I should really be up for blipping first thing but I wouldn't want the first thing I saw to represent the day so I tend to do taking the picture quite late on...................this one is later than usual as I was too busy starting off sorting out our garden. I had planned to plant the bulbs that I had bought last year for this year's season of growth. I did notice that the summer bulbs are already for sale. However they were not planted today as as usual there are things to be done in the garden to plan where you are going to put them. This included clearing up the front from leaves and moving the clutter at the side to the back. It is looking so much better now. I put some stuff in the Greenhouse to give it a wee start and now it looks like I wont be able to fit in our coffee table and chairs with so much in there. No fear not (I say to myself) all of this will be out in a bed in the garden as soon as weather permits. I have a lot of pruning to do too which I am looking forward to. 

So that was mostly about today and I got a good bit of exercise too as I lifted a few heavy things and although my fingers were frozen at the start they were very warm by the end of it so out and about walking and doing is good. Off to look at your stuff now.

Night night...........got to be up early tomorrow for a class of fitness. Mrs Mummy thinks I can do it easily. Hope she is right.

Gosh nearly in Feb..................more light............great.

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