My Goodness My Guiness

Didn't sleep well last night - no particular reason and this morning I told KG my get up and go and got up and gone!
Into Thornbury to pay cheques into the bank, get birthday cards and do some shopping.  Got home about 10.30 and then faffed putting the shopping away.  I had bought some Amaretto and when I went to put it away I had damp fingers - the seal was partly broken.  KG has taken it back for me this afternoon as he was going to play bowls.  
Faffed a while looking for a blip and went into the conservatory and saw KG's favourite plate "My Goodness My Guinness" . Based I think on the Willow Pattern plates but quite funny all the same.  He also has 3 (I think they are Toucans) on the wall so blip sorted.  Just before I did my blip I found  photoshop tutorial explaining how to cut out the subject - great I thought I will try it -  wow that was good and easy 
After a wet start it has been a blue sky day but windy and cold.

Thank you for putting by birthday owls on to page 1 of the populars.

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