End of An Era

Today was my last day in a job that I've done for the last 21 years and two months.  This is the door I walked through on that first day back in 1996, and it's the door I left through today.

It's been a rollercoaster ride over the years, with the company ballooning to over 200 staff then crashing back down to just 23.  It's now building up again at about 50 but my role is over - the part I've been playing for the past two decades is no longer needed.

I'm sad to leave - it feels like I'm leaving people rather than a company, and in some cases these are people I've known for a long time, and grown up with.  I'm jumping rather than being pushed, though I can see that I would be pushed at some point anyway.  I won't be the last to go.

Within twelve months of me starting the job, Tony Blair first got into power, Titanic was in the cinemas and Harry Potter Book 1 was released.  That's a lifetime ago!

I recently came across my first work appraisal where my peers submitted online feedback.  Comments about me included:

"Could do with trips to the pub once in a while"
"I've always enjoyed working with Tim, even if he is a drummer"
"He's too clever and can you stop him asking us so many difficult questions.  Thank you"

By far my favourite appraisal comment I ever had was:

"Excessively fond of diamond patterned jumpers"

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