Kirsty's day!

By Mummyof2

Spring is just around the corner

Woke up with no voice so called in sick. How could I teach children with no voice.
Life has changed beyond all recognition. I’m trying to get my head around the fact that I’m a single person again. My husband is and will be staying under the same roof but we are now living separate lives.
I went out for a coffee with a friend from Church who gave me loads of wise counsel. She basically said that we were both miserable and so why not say to him that if we want to both be happy then allow him to go and do and be with my blessing.
Then I could also be happy.

That’s exactly what I did.
And do you know what - I feel relieved. We ended the conversation with a hug which I felt nothing. No longing, no passion, nothing. It was a way of closure and saying goodbye in my heart.

So now we are going to make a private bedroom for me which will mean putting up a stud wall and knocking out a doorway at the end of our hallway.
It’s the best solution if we want to stay living under the same roof.
I need my privacy.

So it’s all change here. We’ve spoken to the girls who seem happy with the decisions.

Now we have to just get it happening.

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