Dawn's Journal

By DawnP

Super Blue Moon

Adding to the multitude of images of the moon tonight on social media, including Blipfoto, here is my effort.

Today marks a rare celestial event when a Blue moon, a Blood moon(a total lunar eclipse) and a supermoon occur all at the same time.  Unfortunately, here in the UK we could not experience the blood moon, when the eclipse causes the moon to turn red, but 2 out of three ain't bad. If you are wondering, a Blue moon is the second of 2 full moons in the same month - not its colour!

Another well timed event was the arrival of a tripod collar for my recent  canon 70-300mm L lens acquisition in an Amazon Locker conveniently located in the main Reception area at work. This meant I could more safely mount the camera and lens on the tripod for these shots, and I feel the quality of the cropped  image over my previous attempt with as "lesser" lens of the same reach is greatly improved

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