By Colourful_Life

Lush Product

I loooove baths & I cant get enough of bath bombs, the one I used tonight was amazing. 

This bath bomb is called 'shot for the stars' and it is from a Christmas gift set I got Christmas just gone. 

On average bath bombs from Lush are between £3.45 - £5.45 and they are so worth it. You have to try them at least once and trust me you will soon fall in love, esp is you are bath soak lover. You can always smell a lush store before you see it ..... heaven !!!!

I tend to use one a week, normally after a hard work out at the gym, only so I can fully enjoy the aroma's coming from them.

I simply half fill the bath tub and  chuck one in. I love watching bath bombs fizz and explode in the bathtub. Some have different colours inside, looks amazing. Will blog about one when I next use one :)

I love the colour of the water from this bath bomb. I felt like I was lying in the ocean (just wish my bath tub was bigger hahaha!! )The colour is far more stunning in real life. 

Once I had been soaking and relaxing in the bath for about 20 minutes I noticed my skin was silky soft. Perfection. 

Thank you yet again lush for producing such a fabulous product!

This product is also vegan friendly. 

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