I am grateful for ...

By shirleyray

Wednesday at Canyon Gate >> #13 <<4:06-4:45am

I woke up early with no pain, rolled out of bed, gathered my things, made my coffee, hopped in the golf cart, set up the tripods and still had a bit of time before the show started.

I was exposing for the light side of the moon instead of the eclipsed side, so I learned a lesson, there. The last frame was highly edited.

The first extra shows the moon almost in full eclipse. Another lesson.....when it is dark and you have tiny little things to focus on and don't have your glasses....this is what you get. Hope I remember these lessons!

I was going to go back and get the moon setting, but was so involved in the editing I got there too late, but caught the sunrise in the second extra. Another lesson....set an alarm if you have something important to do!

I am grateful that I have the opportunity to do this without going far from home. I feel like a lucky little blipper!

I think I will tag this for Wild Wednesday, because it was for me! Thanks, Cailleach for hosting.

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