Workshop Wednesday

MK and I spent 2.5 hours covering the wing with fabric this evening. We've completed half of one side of the wing...which is just about 25% so some way to go yet.  We plan to apply fabric to the other half of the top of the wing tomorrow night then MK and DB will start the underside on Friday. 

It was absolutely FREEZING with the workshop door and windows open for ventilation, even with a heater on the floor. We still got a bit high on the thinner fumes but survived! 

A couple of niggly bubbles proved stubborn but on the main part the fabric went on well. We can get the imperfections out with an iron later. See my extra photo for an image of the fabric waiting to be laid out on the wing. DB says it looks like a wedding dress!

Windsock appeared mewing at the workshop door early evening and was delighted with the pouch of chicken in jelly I fed her. I took a video of me greeting her but sadly my iPhone battery had a fatal crash so I'm unsure whether I will be able to recover it... I'll keep you posted.

In other news I had a successful recce and planning meeting at the Castle this afternoon ahead of the Heritage Watch conference next week. AND I had an interesting conversation this morning about a possible new business venture. Stay tuned!

UPDATE Here is the Windsock video

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