I need a drink!

Finally finished the decorating in the extension rooms today - it's all starting to look ready for guests next week!

Worked pretty hard all day, (the weather was grey and wet) then started thinking of a blip after dark. I fancied a whisky to celebrate, and thought a well-lit shot of whisky in a glass tumbler would be good. Then thought of catching a lump of ice dropping in it, causing a splash!

Being frugal, the thought of spilling fine malt whisky filled me with horror, so having poured one out for myself, I carefully mixed flat coke and mineral water in another glass until I got the same colour. 

A white perspex background, and a sheet of glass to lay the whisky on made the set, with a studio flash below the glass, and another behind the perspex to backlight it, completed the set-up. The rest was down to dropping in an ice cube, and timing the shot. It took a couple of attempts. 

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