Polvo sahariano (Sahara dust) in the picture from this morning.

It rained a bit last night. I was up again listening to it. We're expected to have rain starting this evening. It will shower on and off for two days, then Saturday will be dryer and then two more days of showers. Oh and the rain will be muddy rain as we have the Sahara dust in the air.

Arctic air also reaching us with the rain and that will last 7-9 days. Gosh! I'm so over this winter already. Unfortunately it is not over us yet. 

I did 2 cute bags today. They are different on each side: https://www.instagram.com/vhgalacant/

I also started to make a dress too, but then it got too dark. I need to have natural light when I choose which colors and patterns to mix.

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