A good day for a ride

Set off early for a meandering ride practicing for Mondays session with my instructor. I don't know when I'll go for the advanced test, I think I really need a lot more practice before I do a whole couple of hours without dropping a single point. I've been riding, on and off, since 1974 and think I'm a very safe and confident rider. My instructor agrees with me but to get the advanced rider qualification there is another whole bible of stuff to learn and get right.
The bible for this is 'The Police Riders Handbook'! When you see police bikers tearing along with their blue lights on bear in mind they have to be assessed on their advanced riding every year, or maybe sooner. To keep the certification I would have to take an annual assessment test annually too. Not only does it count towards an insurance discount but it just makes you a safer and more aware rider. 
Covered over 40 miles this morning, bit of motorway, lots of country roads and 'A' roads, and a bit of town riding when I went through Tewkesbury and back to Gloucester.

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