By dfb24

Double Exposure/Image Overlay/Faces...

The theme for this weeks' challenge by Markus_Hediger, & once again I'm WAY out of my comfort zone, which is, of course,  why all the challenges are helpful to learn new things. Being technologically challenged I always have to read up on how to do these things, and not only does it take me forever, I'm never certain if I'm getting it or not, but here's my image overlay effort.
This is my sisters' dog, Bruno, a chocolate lab. He's only a pup in this picture, but at 9 months he's beginning to grow into those huge paws of his! He loves nothing better than being up at the family cottage in Northern Wisconsin, where he can be outside among the trees and thinks it's even better when there's snow! I've combined Bruno with one of my winter shots, then converted it to black and white.  Feel free to give me some feedback!
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! :))

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