By Saltandvinegar

Happy Imbolc To Everyone

The Pagan version of the beginnings of Spring and what tells you more about that than some new life sprouting forth. I've given you snowdrops and crocus, and today I noticed a whole row of daffodils in bud that I hadn't seen before. This is just one section of that row.
I love the thought that our ancestors worshipped important things as they saw it, the Gods of Nature, i.e. the trees, the sun and moon and the wild animals. I will put myself as seeing it their way. I am a tree hugger, I talk to the moon and stars and I give my body up to the sun every summer. Or I used to but as I age, fifty percent of the time, the shade is where you'll find me.
So Imbolc: the renewal, Mother Earth awakening and bringing forth new growth and hope. New hope of peace amongst humans, the end of conflicts and sufferings to humans and animals.
Oh what a big, daunting task it has to do.

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