Kirsty's day!

By Mummyof2

One down...

One to go.

This large fellow ( I know he’s bigger than what I normally do) is for my friend who has recently lost her father.
They are made up of some of his shirts.
With all that has gone on this week it has taken me a little longer to complete them as I really didn’t want to put any negative feelings into them.

This week has been hard. There have been many difficult conversations that have only been able to take place after the girls have gone to sleep. This means they’ve gone on late into the night.
I am hopeful that our strange household arrangements are going to work out.
You see, he’s not going to move out and actually as the girls parents we work well together. I haven’t trusted him for a long time nor have I respected him and honestly if I think about it loved him not truly but as team mum and Dad we are awesome. ( I know it doesn’t make sense, it doesn’t to me!)
We are going to sit down and work out the practicalities of life during half term but if the misdemeanour is not mentioned then we rub along happily and easily.
The night before I had managed 2 hrs sleep. I was so tired but wouldn’t allow myself to fall asleep because he was on the phone to her assheis his PA. I needed to make sure that he was being professional only but he slipped up once and actually I found it way too hard. The other thing I realised was that “ I’m on my own” he has her, so I did something that I never thought I would do.
i signed up to a Christian dating site
Once I had up loaded my profile within in a few moments someone had ‘waved’ at me.
It was as if God was saying -“ you are not alone, you are desirable-Look”
The chap that said hi was younger than me and not bad looking.
We chatted for a while off line until I couldn’t keep my eyes open. It’s nothing other than talking to a random stranger but someone other than Jay liked what they saw” I am desirable”

It’s time to move on and find out what I want. Time to fly.

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