Day Of The Diva

By Katherineellis

Sue and Pat

I volunteered at Gullivers school today for a career carousel event, years nine and 12 need advice and inspiration on different careers and their future choices.
I met lots of interesting parents with varied careers who had volunteered, we were all given the desk with chairs each, in the morning year nines came to each table in groups of three and four, mostly they didn’t know what path they would be following, we had 10 minutes with each group, I asked them what GCSE choices they were Considering, told them a bit about my job and showed them a 92nd video of me performing in various places which also had some written information of some of the highlights of my job, then I asked them if they had any questions I just tried to help them as best I could.
After lunch we went over to the six form where we had 15 minute interviews with either one or two students, these students will Finish A-levels this summer and are wondering whether they should go to university, or what kind of job they should look for, some knew what they wanted to do but others although they had interests had no idea what kind of job they could do to encompass them.
I hope I was helpful and that the day has given them food for thought.
I really enjoyed it, and I met some very nice people there too.

Afterwards I decided to walk home for some exercise and I realised that I would be passing Sue’s house so on the off chance I rang the bell, I had a lovely visit with them for an hour, we caught up on all the news and even met the cat Dot And apparently this was a great honour because he doesn’t normally come out to meet people.

Tonight was Curry night and we watch the expendables with Gulliver which is rubbish really, then we watched some more Vikings which is brilliant.

Gulliver got 100% in his RS test, he decided to tell us the good news before telling us the bad news that he snapped yet another Oyster card and off, this cost £10 to renew every time.

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